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13,  · e unfilled gray box means e chat or Snap is waiting to be read. It can also mean it has expired, so was sent and received but never read. e 24 hour time ran out and e Snap expired. Filled boxes means you have ings waiting for you. An unfilled red box means your Snap wi out audio was sent to e recipient and has been viewed. 2 days ago · is means at you have added at particular user and ey did not add you until right now. It doesn’t mean ey have you blocked, it simply means ey had not added you. is is common wi celebrity, business or popular accounts. You have added em a few weeks ago and you are just now noticing e light grey chat box. If you try to privately send a Snapchat picture, text or video to a user at has a dark grey open box you will find at is shows a dark grey arrow meaning ey will have to change eir settings to see your message. In essence, you can watch eir story, but you cannot privately message em. 04,  · Opened grey chat box on snapchat? I sent a regular snap to someone a few days ago and it said delivered for awhile but today it's an opened grey chat box What happened? We weren't chatting on snapchat ei er. Answer Save. 2 Answers. Relevance. Lauren. 4 years ago. It just means ey aren't logged. It isn't related to who sent what. Apr 27,  · Empty grey chat box on Snapchat what does it mean? ere is an empty grey box beside my bf's name on Snapchat but I have no idea why? When I tap to chat it goes to chat where it shows my snap was delivered so obviously it sent. 26, 2008 · What does grey chat box mean on Snapchat? I sent a photo to someone yesterday. Last time I checked ey didn't open it, but at some point is morning e red arrow switched into a grey chat box. e box says swipe right to chat. What does is mean? 6 comments. share. save. hide. report. 67 Upvoted. is read is archived. 1. go to settings - application manager - all, find `google play store` and select it - clear cache, if at doesn`t work clear data, if at. I followed some advice on how to reset my content pin. manage settings.go to all. en select google play store. clear cache and clear data. en open. Snapchat grey message. Apr 09,  · If your friend has entered a bir day in Snapchat, eir zodiac sign usually shows up as a purple box — ough depending on e system you're using, ey look a . 27,  · If you get a grey arrow on Snapchat and your friend has deleted you, e icon will pop over to ano er friend in your list. Here is what each icon means: Gold or yellow heart: e gold heart means you’re 1 best friends wi each o er. is means you’ve send em e most snaps and ey’ve sent e most snaps to you.Ratings: 24. 14,  · ey're my friends, or at least ey were a couple weeks ago. I used a snap upload app to pull one of my pics out of my library and en sent it on snapchat. It sent to some, but for two people it shows. What's e grey box mean? e symbol appears next to messages you send on Snapchat. e color gray means an action is pending or expired on Snapchat. When you send someone a message on Snapchat and see a grey arrow it means e intended recipient is unable to receive private messages. 01:23. 27,  · If someone sends you a message saying grey arrow check on Snapchat, it means ey’re trying to see if you two are still friends. e phrase is closely related to . 07,  · e blue filled-in arrow means a sent Chat message. A Chat is different from a Snap. You can start a Chat wi a friend via text or video. It’s similar to Facetime or Skype but Snapchat style, where every ing is deleted by Snapchat unless ere is info at you save. All o er blue icons represent Chat. Since you can send photos, video, and text wi in Snapchat, ere are a few different colored symbols at represent e different kinds of snaps. 25,  · A Grey lock and halo around a snap indicates at e Private story has already been viewed by you. Snapchat stories turn grey once ey have been viewed. Snapchat stories turn grey once ey have been viewed. My Snapchat keeps freezing on is black screen wi a grey bar at e top. I’ve tried closing e app, restarting my phone, deleting it and redownloading it. Since it's Snapchat's policy for em to n you before a ban via a Team Snapchat message and I haven't received one on any of e 3 accounts I've tried, ere has to be some type. So I added a guy. An he added me back. When I went on to snapchat today e notification of him adding me was still ere as I was yet to click on it. I clicked on e left which shows all my chats. Me an is guy not talked yet, but it had his name an a box before it. An says 11:50pm. If he. 24,  · Viewed icons are empty squares and chat icons. You will see e red one if your friend has viewed a snap wi out sound, while e purple one will designate a snap wi sound. A blue chat icon (speech bubble) means at your friend has viewed your chat message. Finally, e gray chat icon ks pending and expired chat messages. 09,  · whats e grey box next to a snapchat mean? Its not pending because it doesnt say at but ill send e snapchat and it will say delivered and en ill log out and back on and e little grey box will be ere. its like e blue chat box except grey. and en ill snap em again what does at mean? am i snapping em twice or??? 20,  · (Picture: Getty) How to see who deleted you on Snapchat. 1.Open your Snapchat app and head to your account profile page (click e ghost/picture/bitmoji in e top left corner of e screen). ) Download Snapchat for iOS and Android, and start Snapping wi friends today. Snapchat - e fastest way to share a moment! Snapchat needs JavaScript enabled to work properly. Instagram - @AirrJoJo Snapchat - @JoJohekta Make it viral 🔥. 31,  · According to Snapchat Support, e full grey arrow on Snapchat means at ei er a friend request is still pending, or a friend has removed/blocked you from eir Snapchat account. (Ouch) An empty grey arrow mean at a pending friend request ei er has expired or was denied.. Wondering how to know if someone follows you on Snapchat wi out following em? 31,  · Scroll to e Snapcode for Bryshere Y. Gray’s Snapchat name! Bryshere Y. Gray did a magnificent job as Michael Bivins in e New Edition Story. e talented actor loved playing Bivins but he explained at he no longer wants to play music-related characters. e Empire star wants to prove at he’s talented enough to play any role.It will be difficult for some directors to see beyond Hakeem. Hi! We use cookies, including ird-party cookies, on is website to help operate our site and for analytics and advertising purposes. For more on how we use cookies and your cookie choices, go here for our cookie policy! By clicking below, you are giving us consent to use cookies. e grey arrow is shown on SnapChat when you sent a snap and at person has blocked you or has not accepted your friend request Dude 1: Dam, My crush blocked me Dude 2: How do you know at Dude 1: Because when I snap her a grey arrow showed up Dude 2: Ooooooooo at’s rough. 06,  · Oh, Snapchat. Whe er you're an avid user or a naysayer, it's impossible to deny at is photo-based app has become a major part of e social media landscape (heck, even politicians are . Rainey James Nude Snapchat Blowjob Porn Video leaked. 3 mon s ago 274 1 0. Violet Summers Nude Pussy Squirting Porn Video leaked. 3 mon s ago 1,861 1 0. Neiva a & Yaela Heart Nude Lesbian Porn Video. 3 mon s ago 628 1 0. Abigail Ratchford Nude Tight Pussy Snapchat Video leaked. 3 mon s ago 505 1 0. 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