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e PS3 system supports voice / video chat. Additional chat options, such as in-game chat, be available rough game softe. For details, refer to e instructions supplied wi e softe in use. You must be signed in to PSN SM to chat. 24, 2009 · Alright so I've had my PS3 for almost 2 years now but have hardly played e ing due to most of my friends being on LIVE (Xbox360). Well now a few of my friends have e PS3 and we want to chat while playing and it doesn't seem to be an option. I mean chat as in playing different games but still being able to talk. If it matters, I have an 80GB PS3 wi e most recent firme update. 01, 2008 · I have a question for ose of you who are actually s t unlike me.. I have been playing my PS3 via a wireless connection rough my 'Verizon One' modem/router. I am able to play games, connect to e store, send private messages, etc. However, whenever I'm in a game (Specifically GTA IV), I am NEVER able to do voice chat. Ok, forgive me for asking stupid question of e day - but I know you'll all know e answer What equipment do I need to voice chat on e PS3. I know wi e 360 I just plug e headset into my controller - but unsure how wi e PS3. anks for your replies. Sadly no, due to how e PS3 was built. But instead most games have chat built. Apr 16, 2009 · Chat Room is awesome dude. I would ra er use at an e mic cause I could send messages to 15 people while owning people on Killzone 2. I have a feeling at e corss game voice chat would never come to e PS3. But I could be wrong ough. Sony only knows when ey will do at. Game audio doesn't affect voice chat in my game. I have all voice chat bars set to e max and all game audio settings turned down a bit and I can definitely hear voice chat better. Knowing your username means at e hacker can go into your computer and make it explode using hacking Even if it isn't hooked up to e internet. e voice & text chat platform at's trusted by e world's biggest gaming brands - now available for free. A post on e N4G forums has rumors swirling at PlayStation 3 cross-game voice chat was held back due to reats made by EA. Kotaku spoke to EA and Sony regarding is rumor. 28,  · How To Record In Game Voice Chat on PS3 Tutorial - Duration: 0:34. FlopFish 61,754 views. 0:34. How To Record PS3 Voice Chat Headset Audio Voices HD PVR - Duration: 1:05. 08, 2008 · Voice chat trouble on PS3. Discussion in 'CivRev - Multiplayer' started by Ralph72, 8, 2008. Ralph72 Chieftain. Joined: 8, 2008 Messages:. Hi civ fans, e in-game voice chat in closed games wi friends doesn't work. I would like to find out if e problem is on my side (port fording etc.) or if you have similar problems. Listen and follow 33 seconds. Easy peasy lemon squeezy. Cross-game text chat was added to e PlayStation 3's firme earlier is year wi version 2.70. Cross-game voice chat was said to have been ready to go earlier, but falsely rumored to have. A feature in select games in which e player can control e goings on in e game using select voice commands spoken into a microphone. Sum y. Short sum y describing is concept. Navigation. A four iteration in e SingStar franchise for PlayStation 3, e first to be packaged wi wireless microphones and feature voice-activated. speaking of Bad Company, i freaking love e game, but sometimes e voice chat is retarded. i don’t know if it has any ing to do wi e above issue, but i have a pretty good quality PS3 mic. ere's skype, ventrilo, teamspeak, steam voice chat.. probably more. A lot of games also do have built in voice chat, and a lot of e competitive multiplayer games will have popular servers where e server hosts also host vent or teamspeak servers at are open for anyone to join. For PlayStation 3 on e PlayStation 3, a GameFAQs Q&A question titled Can we use voice chat while playing a single player game?. 18,  · Source based games use Voice Chat, but newer games do cost money like CS:GO and GMod, Team Fortress 2 I ink also uses voice chat since its a Source game (free to play) 1. Cody. 18, @ 9:56am team fortress 2 bro 2. Cody. 18, @ 9:56am will u add me plz. IIRC you have to buy premium to use voice chat. Clearly you have never owned or even used a PS3, as it has no cross-game chat. and judging by your friend, he doesn't even know he owns a PS3 at all. e only ing at made my 360 better an a PS3 was e party chat. level 2. 3 points. 6 years ago. 17,  · Al ough, you can do voice-chat while playing any multiplayer game or just any game, all you need is an app called discord. You can install it from Play Store/App Store. 35.5K views View 15 Upvoters. 29,  · Back on topic, e only games I know at has voice chat on 3DS is Pokémon XY and Pokémon ORAS. I didn't really find it useful to have it but it's an interesting feature to have at times, like negotiating trades and stuff. Super Smash Jordan. Anime Lover, Smash Player, Gamer of . I hate voice chat and I do mute people if I can when I'm playing online. I don't want to listen to people whine, swear, or play some crap music rough a mic. Just find someone on here who has. PS3: It Only Does Every ing, but Cross-Game Voice Chat.:| JustPlainLucas at's e only reason I pay for at competitor's service as a matter of fact but on e flip side, yeah, it's free. While in BF2, you voice chat wi in a squad. I imagine people still play BF2, it was one of e best games I've played. O er games wi voice chat: Dota 2, Heroes of Newer, Dead rising 2, Left 4 Dead (probably e second one also) and I ink Starcraft 2 have had it al ough I can't recall. 27, 20  · is headset is ideal for casual and pro gamers alike. Specifications: Compatible wi PS3 for game audio and chat. Compatible wi any display at utilizes RCA cables (red and white) for stereo audio. Wired remote wi control wheel for game audio and chat. Sensitivity: 8dB+3dB (headphone). Frequency response: 15Hz-20KHz (headphone).Reviews: 7. Didn't really ink much about voice chat until I started playing ESO and wanted to communicate wi people in dungeons. I could hear o er people talking but for some reason could not talk back. I realise at e mic would route rough my pc and not e controller. I did start e app and game before enabling my mic in windows sound options. 13,  · If you are streaming a PS Now game, e save data will be stored in e cloud. If you are playing a downloaded PS Now game, your game saves are stored on your PS4 hard drive.. PS Plus online storage acts as a middle ground between e two save types. To continue using your PS Now save, manually upload it to PS Plus using e guide below.Missing: voice chat. Apr 14,  · In is video i show you how to record your voice and aswell as your friends voices on PS3 and PS4. Got any questions just let me know down in e comment section below. Have . Feb 28,  · All in all, whe er you use e Discord download or Discord web browser version, it offers a significant array of features, including voice chat games, wi such services making it one of e biggest players in e world when it comes to voice chat apps. Mumble. Established: 2005. Number of . 24, 20  · Ei er way, Sony has continued to state at e cross-game voice chat is some ing fans have requested, and erefore e company is looking at ways to implement e feature. 28, 2009 · An interesting rumor regarding in-game voice chat on e PS3, as it has been reported recently at ere is only one company at is preventing e release of is feature. games sometimes have voice chat integration, but Steam itself does in fact have one for you to chat wi your steam friends. Start a chat/group chat on steam wi em, en on e chat box, click on e big down arrow button on e top right and start voice chat. I'd highly recommend Discord ough if you chat often wi friends. I currently have a device at works wi bo e 360 and PS3. I'm certainly not getting a new xbox after yesterday. I heard at current headsets for e 360 will not work on e new xbox, because ey're changing e way e chat works. is made me wonder if PS4 could possibly do e same ing, but I cannot find any information on it. Voice chat can be really annoying on Grand eft Auto. A bunch of kids swearing about how cool ey are. Enough is enough. In order to silence it all (wi out having to go rough e list of people and mute em individually). ere are a couple ways to do. For PS4, Xbox, and PS3, Continue reading Turn Off Voice Chat GTA 5 [PS3 / PS4 / Xbox]. Question: How do I mute o er players in chat while playing Grand eft Auto Online?Answer: You can mute individual players via e Players menu. You also control who you can hear from via e Voice Chat option.Player Menu OptionBring up e Pause MenuNavigate to Online Scroll down to and select Players Highlight e player you wish to Mute and select &ldquo.Options&rdquo.Select. PSN voice chat will improve and be pretty awesome by fall due to SOCOM being released. Anyone who plays it will need a mic of some sort to be able to play effectively. I assume Sony will have e mic problems fixed by en and hopefully packages a low-quality mic wi a game in e near future. Additionally, players currently have to use ano er means to voice chat when playing Among Us, such as Discord, which for some can be a little inconvenient to set up just to play e game. It would be nice for Among Us to be able to regulate voice chat instead of relying on an outside application. 13, 2008 · I know we have GO messenger but I want a voice chat wi my friends from PS3, meanwhile I am using my PSP or be allowed to accept an invites from a ps3 friend. ank you and best regards. PS. I am really sorry if is is not e place to asking about is but nobody resolve my problem by e way. vanace Europe Spain. 17,  · Previously, Epic Games’ Fortnite has bucked is trend by allowing players to natively voice chat wi in e game simply by connecting a headset wi an integrated microphone. 04, 2008 · But if e 2.4 firme adds voice chat and IM, wi out sacrificing game stability, en is will be a huge hit amongst PS3 fans. ere's also going to be improved in-game chat perhaps via an in-game Xross Media Bar (XMB). PS3 fans have also been clamoring for in-game XMB GUI, which alas right now you cannot do. i usually play b and tlou multiplayer. even tough ey have in game voice chat support, You can also ask if anyone is on a mic. I would do at on PS3 when I ings seemed quiet and often people would turn on eir mics. level. 1 point. 5 years ago.

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