The Fireface UCX is a highly integrated pro audio solution in an ultra-compact format for studio and live recordings. Every input and output channel comes with a luxury feature set, comparable to a full-scale digital console. It uses a special customized firmware for each operating system, and provides revolutionary ultra-low latencies even with multiple channels. A technical breakthrough that reduces the overall latency of timing critical applications, in live situations, and in computer-based recording studios. In doing this the Fireface UCX marks a new packing record:

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Additionally AutoSet does not cause any of the control noises known from usual limiters.

Most members of our service staff are musicians themselves, and therefore excellently qualified to help our customers from the choice of their instruments all the way to maintenance or repairs. OctaMic D Out of production! As soon as no effect can be added anymore the TotalMix surface will clearly signal this rmme.

RME Fireface UCX Lydkort USB/FW – Evenstad Musikk-Distribusjon AS

Digiface Out of production! Show variations of this product.

In a tremendous effort RME packed once again all the latest technologies, introduced with the award winning flagship UFX, plus uccx bunch of newly developed ones, into a half 19 inch housing with full mobile usability. The third row’s fader sets the output level. RME gme the only manufacturer that doesn’t use a third party USB or FireWire audio technology, but firefac own, self-developed Hammerfall Audio Core with an outstanding performance and uncompromised pro audio features. The crown jewels of the UCX are the two high-end mic and instrument preamps — built right into the front.


As a company, we have one single objective: No proprietary drivers are required, the device will be directly recognized when the CC mode is activated by the button on the front panel.

Multiface II Out of firefade In a recording session, the recording engineer asks the vocalist or guitarist to sing or play a reference part and sets the UCX preamp gain to an unusual high level e.

Fireface Out of production! And there is more: The Fireface UCX is the first fully professional audio interface with the firefave to be used as Class Compliant interface. Our expert departments and workshops allow us to offer you professional advice and rapid maintenance and repair services. Feedback Found an error or want to give us feedback about this page? The high power phones output offers high volumes even with high-impedance headphones. The Reverb and Echo effects unit is available for cux channels by way of a stereo send and firefsce bus.

Audio Routing and Processing. The drivers and totalmix software live up to the reputation that RME hold for flawless stability and latency is a non-issue. Supported Inputs and Outputs. Chorus, rotary speaker and phaser pedal, As with the traditional Uni-Vibe pedal, you It provides stability, a good realtime performance and an easy handling.


These are other customers’ choices: They neither add nor remove anything, but capture the original signal just as it is.

Like under Windows and Mac, the input fader controls direct monitoring to any output. A premium mre for transmitting and amplifying any audio source truly unchanged, be it high-level stage or typical studio signals, lower level and high-impedance instruments, or dynamic, condenser and ribbon microphones.

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RME Fireface UCX

Therefore the Fireface UCX ffireface able to operate fully stand-alone, without any connected computer. All in all the Fireface UCX is the new compact-sized dream interface, created with care for every detail, and a new premium solution for any desktop and live usage, without compromises in sound, stability and ultra-low latency operation.

Intelligent Clock Control not only displays every clock status, but will also retain the last firedace input sample rate in case of failure of the external source. Totalmix fx is a delight!!! Upper range is broad and smooth, without being?

Up to 9 totally independent stereo submixes plus a comprehensive Control Room section offer unrivalled monitoring capabilities and unsurpassed routing flexibility.