This arrangement also means that it is easier to have different capture rates with this card if fewer than all 16 inputs are used. This page was last modified on 21 February , at For automatic loading at startup manually add the bttv module to the list of kernel modules loaded on boot e. I searched for the datasheet but I seen to have misplaced it. Views Read View source View history. This is a phono connector unlike the BNC connectors for video inputs.

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The Y4 output is connected to the video output connector making it possible to view any input on the video output connector. An update about the Kodicom R.

Kodicom 4400 4-16ch DVR card, Kodicom Video Plata, Kodicom Video Capture Card

However that is not currently under software control from the Linux bttv kidicom. Card in the bttv cardlist is for the “master”, and card is for the slave. You may find the colour is quite washed out, as reported on the Zoneminder wiki [1]. This arrangement also means that it is easier to have different capture rates with this card if fewer than all 16 inputs are used.

Does it support 25 FPS on 4 realtime inputs? If you click on that, it will give you a drop-down box labeled “Input”. This card makes use of four LM chips that determine which is odd and which are the even lines from the frame.


You should see the picture from the camera. The kernel is able to work with this card from version 2.

Kodicom 4400r

I installed the generic bta divers of btwincap. There is no connectors available for audio inputs on this card. The row of pins closest to the card are ground and the outside row are the connections for each camera with Cam0 koficom the left looking down on the card from the component side.

Here the 16 video inputs will be labelled Cam0 – Cam Then change the camera connector to the next lower BNC connector Cam1and the picture should re-appear. These are commonly referred to by the older designation Bt so they use the bttv driver in the Linux kernel. Kodicom R KMCR 16x inputs fps x four bta controllers Does anyone have experience with this card and vvvv?

When I googled this chip I imediately got the datasheet… I expect my koddicom back home by the end of april. kodicim

Kodicom – ZoneMinder Forums

Any of the possible koidcom video inputs can be fed to this output. Note the use of gbuffers which is increased from the standard 8 to 16, to give each channel a buffer of it’s own. Is it the card, your system, your configuration or vvvv? Could this work for capturing four devices at 25fps simultaniusly? It may be necessary to increase gbuffers to the maximum of 32 if you have the memory available. It realy is just a matter of shorten the inputs and outputs of the matrix chip, which is at the upper-left of the card.


The driver automatically disconnects the previous input and connects the new channel as input to the chip addressed. Unfortunately, at this time there is no automatic detection of this card, so the driver must be set to recognise the cards manually. So my options for 4 channels not needing the additional buffers is:.

The Kodicom R is very different in operation so the driver for it cannot be used with the With xawtv, verify that you can switch back and forth between the two Cam1 and Cam3.

Now “right click” on the picture and select “Composite3”.

All 16 kodiicom can be connected through a pin right angle pin header connector on the top of the card. Peter can you post a pic of what you shorted?

Kodicom R – LinuxTVWiki

Then, start up a second instance of xawtv, this time with. The operation of this is using the crosspoint switch chip that the card is fitted with. The R is unusual in that it is supplied with a video out connection on the card.