There’s no redeye to be found in our flash photo test. It’s one thing to have it on the bundled CD-ROM which I don’t like , but making people download it from your website is a poor move in my opinion. Retrieved from ” https: See all 14 pre-owned listings. While these issues are noticeable when viewed on your computer screen, they tend to go away when you print the photos, as long as you’re not making huge prints. Completely Bamboozled The camera did not work at all.

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The main event on the back of the Z is its large 2. Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page.

On the bottom of the Z IS you’ll find a metal tripod mount, the connector for the optional camera or printer dock, the memory card slot, and the battery compartment. Have a look at our photo galleryprinting a few photos if you can. You cannot attach an external flash to the Z IS. While this doesn’t affect your typical point-and-shoot user, I’ll show below you what it can do z712i you shoot in unusual lighting. The Kodak color balance is excellent The main negative about this camera is battery related.

The Kodakk feature lets you see before and after views of a photo you’re enhancing.

A live histogram is available in record mode. At ISO we have noise and noise reduction artifacting, with noticeable loss in detail, but I still got a 4 x 6 inch print out of it that’s suitable for the refrigerator door. The Z can use several types of battery. Canon EOS 80D A rubber cover keeps dirt and other unwanted materials out of the ports.


Kodak Z IS Review – Specifications

The camera uses the usual preflash system to shrink the pupils before taking the photo, and that did the job here. If you want another example of the effectiveness of the OIS system, then have a look at this brief sample movie. The panorama mode helps you line up three photos side by side either left-to-right or right-to-leftand the camera automatically stitches them into a single photo for you.

No Remote Control Type: As always, I recommend a trip down to your local reseller to try out the EasyShare Z IS and its competitors before you buy!

Kodak Z IS ZOOM digital camera – Wikipedia

The Z took well-exposed photos, with highly saturated colors perhaps too much so. Just plug in your photo and you’re ready to print your card either yourself kodakk via Kodak’s EasyShare Gallery service.

Thus, kodwk the optional conversion lens adapter, you can attach the telephoto lens I mentioned in the previous section, or any 55 mm filter. Yes Auto Focus Type: Show less Show more.

Boosts focal range by 1. The Z is one of the rare cameras that actually lets you use the optical zoom while recording a movie clip.


Kodak Z712 IS ZOOM digital camera

There are help screens for all the menu items, so if you don’t know what white balance does, an answer is just a button-press away. While blurriness in the corners wasn’t much of a problem, I did notice some vignetting dark corners in a few of my real world photos. You can compare this shot with those in other reviews on this site. One thing missing from the EVF on this camera is a diopter correction knob, which is used to focus the image on the screen.

There are two AF control modes on the camera. Buffer size for JPEG shooting in burst mode frames, max resolution: Getting back to our tour now: May Learn how and when to remove this template message.

The optical image stabilizer is available in movie mode, and it’s very effective. To the left of the electronic viewfinder is the button which toggles between it and the LCD. The individual images are not saved, though. Something else that the Windows version lets you do is create greeting cards.