When the application explicitly closes a connection the pooling implementation can reuse the connection immediately. Connect with JNetDirect on Facebook. Statement pooling, combined with connection pooling, provides even greater performance gains than using connection pooling alone. For example, this property may be used if update counts from triggers should not be returned to the application. The default is to return all update counts. To obtain the machine name:. Are you looking for a reliable software development partner?

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As a result a large customer purchased Combine Product. In this case it is common that the application acquires the connection only for the minimum time required to perform database updates and queries. C indicates that the datatype conversion is supported. Inits transaction snapshot mode.

We recommend JSQLConnect’s custom tracing feature be used since it traces driver activity across multiple connections. Customers with more than five deployments per year. Trusted Authentication means SQL Server achieves login security integration with Windows by using the security attributes of a network user to control login access. Transaction processing can be either performed locally or distributed as described below.

The free Single License, downloadable from www.

Application need to see changed data for existing rows and see inserted and deleted rows during lifetime of cursor. The number of milliseconds to wait before jsqlocnnect database reports a lock time-out. The Java application may query the returned Exception jsqlconhect follows. Only the values of the statement’s parameters change from one execution of the statement to the next.

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The engine’s driver classpath may also be specified in an engine specific configuration file. It means snapshot isolation level is set instead of repeatable read isolation level. It’s simply the most advanced database deployment tool on the market.

JNetDirect, Inc.

Alternatively, you may specify the classpath on the java command line that executes jsqlcknnect application using the java -classpath option. Data sources provide connections, pooled connections and distributed connections without hard coding connection properties into Java code.

Used for NTLM authentication only. In addition, the enableFailover property must be set to true. A non-null domain signals that the driver should use NTLM authentication. Therefore, the statement pool is already available when the application next acquires a connection and even the first statement preparations on the connection will not need to be processed by the DBMS.

If sslTrusted is false no check is made that the database instance certificate is trusted.

Database related tools

Our developers made the optimization of high speed response of critical code segments and decreased excessive requests to databases. Over companies worldwide rely on JNetDirect software to provide critical components for their applications and development environments. RAW mode transforms each row in the query result set into an XML element with the generic identifier row. Cached rowsets are invaluable feature for a number of architectural solutions.


All communication with the database engine is synchronized at the connection level. Use it only when required and disable after use.

This scenario generally provides performance advantages when prepared statements are prepared once and executed re-used many times during the lifetime of the application. The class name is used whenever you load the driver with the JDBC driver manager.

JSQLConnect is designed to be backwards and forward compatible. It can be used on Windows platform jsqlclnnect. Older versions of JAR do not support the update u option and you will have to install the license using different commands.

If you need to modify the example, open the example source code and make the required changes. For example, setDtcEnabled true.

Prepared statements are commonly employed in situations where the application will execute the same SQL statement many times.