To post a comment you must log in. People that have not had luck with the first two choices have had success with this. November 3rd, 5. I can’t even start Intrepid now. To force the ati driver to adopt changes made to xorg. Zaunpfosten zaunpfosten wrote on

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I had upgraded 8. Bryce Harrington bryce on Comment on radein change optional. I found out that when getting a new kernel the fglrx kernel-module is not installed for your new kernel.

Download the proprietary driver from http: I have about the same problem as Steven Dee reported it see corruption.

Ubuntu Forums Code of Conduct. November 3rd, 4. Please let me know if you need any details. Upon resume I get bars of corruption below the upper gnome panel and above the lower gnome panel. Thanks everyone raseon the efforts.

I reached KDE desktop, but saw no text and it seemed to freeze when clicking anything. Using tab completion can make this command easier.

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Radeon , segfault in Intrepid – Phoronix Forums

To post a comment you must log in. Alain Oser alain-oser wrote on This can be fixed permanently with:.

The workaround definitely fixes this for me. If you get this error-message, simply uninstall the previous version before installing the new one with:. I’ve been having issues with: But I agree, that the update needs broader testing. R support is mostly incomplete and very experimental Also, debian bug http: Accepted into intrepid-proposed, please test and give feedback here.

You can kill the hanging authatieventsd. It didn’t show up as an update, probably because I had the “newer” 3 version, so I removed the package and reinstalled it from -proposed.

Visualization: graphics cards and 3D

Ubuntu will then install and configure the driver for you. Open a terminal window and switch to the directory you downloaded the installer to.

Here’s the backtrace, as collected by gdb with “logging on”. Robert Ancell robert-ancell wrote on See corruption on the leftmost terminal window in the attached intrpeid.


Ubuntu Intrepid Installation Guide –

Also, debian bug http: Remote bug watches debbugs [ done important ] Edit Bug watches keep track of this bug in other bug trackers. So the point of this is raddon the radeon modules and the kernel were working in the alpha version but not in the production version.

If fglrxinfo reports that Indirect rendering by Mesa is in place, even though you have installed ATI driver, you might want to remove Mesa:.

Furthermore, do not try to use the proprietary ATI radfon drivers, since they made things even worse, at least in my personal experience with an ATI Radeon X November 3rd, 5.