Desaturation detection utilizes the IGBT itself as the current measurement component. Short circuit protection in PCB design 5. Care needs to be taken in implementing desaturation detection to prevent false tripping. The circulating of the current in the lower antiparallel diode and the circuit parasitic actually results in a slightly higher voltage over shoot up to about V. For the dc bus current sensing circuit, a small filter must be added in order to avoid false tripping, since the dc bus current is discontinuous with potentially high noise content. The only disadvantages to running a given device at higher currents than spec’d are thermal, and the general rule that running off the data sheet is not recommended behavior. The losses start going up even faster than extrapolations from the given curve would indicate, leading to rapid catastrophic failure.

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How do i check whether an I2C device kgbt Post as a guest Name. In Figure 6, the delay between the hardware trip signal, the PWM output signal, and the actual gate-emitter waveform of the upper IGBT in one of the inverter legs is shown.

Equating complex number interms of the other 5. I see no difference when using an IGBT.

IGBT Overcurrent and Short-Circuit Protection in Industrial Motor Drives

Taking resistor technology beyond RoHS. I see two possibilities.

Some of the trade-offs in enhancing insulated gate bipolar transistor IGBT conduction loss desatuartion increased short-circuit current levels, smaller die size, and reduced thermal capacity and short-circuit withstand time.

Importantly, desaturation can also indicate a gate-emitter voltage that is too low and that the IGBT is not being fully driven to the saturation region. This is achieved by means of low driver impedance and small gate drive resistance.


The rapid transition of the switch node voltage on turn-on causes a capacitively induced current to flow in the low-side IGBT parasitic Miller gate-collector capacitance C GC in Figure 3. There is also igbtt strong dependency on the IGBT collector-emitter voltage, so the parallel trend toward higher dc bus voltage levels in industrial drives results in further reduction in short-circuit withstand times. A market-wide trend in industrial motor drives is an increasing demand for higher efficiency coupled with increased reliability and robustness.

Analog Layout Finger Size 3. The curve does change off the edge of the sheet; put too much current through the device and it goes into an analog mode. Three typical short-circuit events are illustrated in Figure 1.

The curve doesn’t change off the edge of the sheet. The ability to accept a bipolar power supply on the isolated side of the gate driver provides igbf headroom for the induced voltage transient. The diodes shown in the schematic ensure that the IGBT collector-emitter voltage is only monitored by the detection circuit during the on-time, when in normal operation the collector-emitter voltage is very low 1 V to 4 V typically.

IGBT Overcurrent and Short-Circuit Protection in Industrial Motor Drives | Analog Devices

Please Select a Region. The desaturation voltage reaches the 9 V trip level and the gate driver begins to shut down. DAC input digital signals, how to generate? Our header files are static or dynamic library 1.

IGBT and MOSFET Desaturation Protection

Industrial motor drives can operate in a relatively harsh environment in which high temperature, ac line transients, mechanical overload, miswiring, and other contingencies can occur. His area of expertise is power conversion and control in ac motor control applications. Dec 242: The selection of these filter components are a trade-off between providing noise immunity and acting within the IGBT short-circuit withstand time.


However, in many cases, either a leg shunt resistor or a phase shunt resistor will be present in the drive architecture for the purposes of the current control loop and motor overcurrent protection, and these can also be potentially utilized for IGBT overcurrent protection—provided that the response time of the signal conditioning is fast enough to protect the IGBT within the required short-circuit withstand time. IGBTs are not regarded as a fail-safe component and their failure can result in a dc bus capacitor explosion and complete drive failure.

This article has outlined some approaches to handling this issue, and has presented experimental results that underline the value of robust isolated gate driver ICs such as the ADuM from Analog Devices. However, higher kgbt also results in lower on-state conduction losses, and so a trade-off must be made. The time now is Sign up using Facebook. Amplifier Yamaha RX-V not turning on And as you well know, desafuration the active region the power dissipation increases dramatically. The losses start going up even ignt than extrapolations from the given curve would indicate, leading to rapid catastrophic failure.

As the fault occurs the current starts to increase rapidly—in reality the current is much higher than shown as the measurement is taken with a bandwidth limited 20 A current probe for illustration only.