Inline finishing includes stapling and punching. Take a look at: Results 1 to 7 of 7. Accordingly, the range of stocks that the C1 can handle is relatively wide, and includes transparencies, some self-adhesive label stocks, coated papers and textured stocks such as hammered and linen finishes. During the fusing stage, the wax is melted and the toner particle fixed to the page using a small amount of pressure. Output from the imagePress series of engines should be easier to put through an adhesive binder with lasting results. Site Login My Printweek.

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Oil-fused pages are notoriously hard to bind, because the oil effectively makes the glue less sticky.

Canon imagePRESS C1 Fiery Q1 Server Controller (software Dvd/cd/document Kit) | eBay

Latest News New year predictions: On the Image tab select the halftone you will be using the profile with. The print settings for the calibration should use the fierj halftone you plan to profile and use.

Remember to put 5 sheets of the paper you print the calibration on behind the printed sheet to be measured to eliminate showthrough. Share your experiences with others. Paul Manning, Rapidity New year predictions: News NewsEmail Bulletins.

And when it does start to degrade, it goes very, very quickly, so the decayed image is immediately apparent, and the operator can replace the drum straight away. Is there any documentation out there on how to properly profile this device?


The greater colour gamut comes from the fact that the toner is a degree more transparent than previous toners, and can be blended more easily with other colours. Hi there, has been discussed before Ben Milford, head of marketing for the professional division of Canon Business Solutions, puts this down to image quality.

Thank you for the instructions! Digital printing used to be a bit of a limited exercise.

Although I understand the necessity for the creation of output profiles sometimes, it sometimes seems a bit worthless when dealing with a machine like this. One appealing aspect of the imagePress series is its T-Developer, a complex chemical confection that works together with the V-Toner to eradicate the noticeable edges where the toner is laid down on the sheet.

C1 users who go on to bind their work are also likely to raise a cheer for the oil-less fusing process. Now drag this into the hold queue in Command workstation. Use these instructions instead. The new V-Toner also overcomes a problem traditional to digital print engines — the print they produce always has a glossy finish, due to the oil used in the fusing process. Its specification puts the C1 in a category without immediate equivalents: You can leave the TIF here for future profiling work.


Double click the job in the hold queue if you dragged it in or in the Printed queue if you just printed from Photoshop throw away that print if you did, we need to check the settings before you’ll have good prints.

Turn the printer off and back on to force internal calibration. The time now is Results 1 to 7 of 7.

Canon imagePRESS C1 Fiery Q1 Server Controller (software Dvd/cd/document Kit)

Tags for this Thread icc profile. And good print quality is now penetrating all corners of the digital market. Inline finishing includes stapling and punching. Do not set “Colorwise Off”, this would turn off the calibration you just did.

What will be your abiding memory of ? Danny Clarke, Howard Hunt New year predictions: Take a look at: Creating your own profiles is going to be an exercise in futility if the print engine itself is unstable.

This color model would be color managed by the printer and you will not get what you want which is prints of the profiling patches that have had Fiery calibration applied but have not been color managed.